Yves saint Laurent Annotated Bibliography


Literature Research – Fashion Scholarship

Select any ONE contemporary fashion designer, from any country in the world, and conduct a ‘Literature Search’ on this designer or designer-maker.

Produce an annotated bibliography with a minimum of five items. That is, you will list the scholarly material you have accessed and summarise what each one has to say about your chosen designer.

The task involves you finding scholarly books and journal articles.

– Do not include web resources such as public relations or marketing sites for designers.
– Scholarly journal articles sourced through the web are acceptable.
– Your finished work should consist of five academic sources and five lines of summary about what each of those sources says about the designer you have chosen.

please use journal articles about the fashion designer not marketing or blogs you can use the website to set the theme but not as a source

please choose from the following designers yves saint laurent, alexender mqueen, elie saab


Almond, Kevin. “Yves Saint Laurent – dazzling colorist.” Journal of International Color Association, 9(2012): 1-4. Print.  In this article, Almond discusses the hidden coloring talent of Yves Saint Laurent that has not been discussed by many authors.  To sum up his discussion, the author summarizes, “In terms of stylistic innovations he unleashed a storm. His influences were so strong that the innovations of thirty years ago now look like everyday design” (Almond 1).  Through various examples of his work, mostly concentrating on the exhibitions of this work, the author shows that Yves Saint Laurent was a dazzling and uncontested colorist and this talent was clearly expressed in a number of his fashion work. This source is important in this study because it reviews Yves Saint Laurent exhibitions portraying a color genius that has not been known to most of his fans and in a way that has not been explored by other authors who have reviewed this work.  This source therefore makes an important contribution to this study because it does not only talk about the achievements of the icon but it also helps the reader to understand another aspect of Yves Saint Laurent work apart from the fashion work he has bee known for.