Your Song


Heal the world was one of the successful hits by Michael Jackson. Released in 1991, the song became a mirror of what was happening in the world. It reflected the dual life that we live in the world.


Write a story song. (The song I chose is <<Heal the World>> by singer: Michael Jackson, and write down what are your feelings or story about this song). You don’t have to write an original melody– you can use an existing melody, for example, Stairway to Heaven, or even a children’s song such as London Bridge is Falling Down. If you are from another culture, you can use any song you know well, as long as you write your own original words.
Remember to have a strong beginning, middle and end. Choruses are optional. Make sure you tell me what the melody is. If I don’t know it, be prepared to hum.
This is creative writing course, so please write in creative way!