“Your own philosophy of Early Childhood education”


This paper will reflect your personal beliefs about the education of young children and how you plan to teach during your career. You may use knowledge of the theories of educators andd philosphers and alo your own philosophy must be stated.
1.) research and read about early childhood education.
2.) Identify experts in the field and read aboyt their theories/philophies of early childhood education.
3.) Reflect upon your own education and experiences, and develop your own philosophy of early childhood education.
4.) Write a paper detailing your philosophy of early childhood education. You will support your theory by referencing experts in the field.

As in any written assignment, attention should be paid to the mechanics of written english, writing coherence, spelling, sentence structure, verb-subject agreement, and punctuation. Any statement made must be logically supported. Specify your arguments for the use of any particular method or technique you recommend. What do you plan to do when your the teacher?
The paper must be written in APA style, have at least 5 full pages of content, be word processesd on one side of each sheet of paepr with a font as least as times new roman 12 point and be double spaceed. The paper must include a "rederences" page and the entie assignment must be stapled togethether in upper left corner. Six sources must be used. Maximum of two prosseional internet sources. Sources will be cited parenthetically within the paper.


Today, learning has changed in great ways. Learners have found themselves out-paced by the fact changing technology that has penetrated the education system. In a nutshell,   it has become the main responsibility for early childhood educators to counter learning obstacles that children face by using progressive, whole-child methods. To align with the changing learning environment, early childhood educators have to use methods that decrease anxieties and increase retention of knowledge and at the same time cater for the changing nature of technology which has a major impact on education.  My philosophy of early childhood education would therefore be based on quintessential philosophy advocating for multiculturalism, democracy in classrooms, and progressivism that will allow young children to learn through hands-on experience, social interactions, and technology. This would facilitate creation of a learning environment with comfort and creativity and where the educator facilitates pedagogically-appropriate learning.