You are a CSR consultant and you have been asked to write 1 000 word Business Sustainability Report for the Sunselect Property Group in which you make recommendations on how to improve the sustainable practices of the company – CSR Recommendations Sunselect Property Group (SPG)


Business Writing Assessment One 1
[Business Writing T1, 2017]
Assessment One: Business Report
1. Brief
You are a CSR consultant and you have been asked to write 1,000 word
Business Sustainability Report for the Sunselect Property Group in which you
make recommendations on how to improve the sustainable practices of the
Sunselect Property Group (SPG)* is an established and successful property developer based
in Sydney, NSW. The company has been developing commercial and residential properties
for over 50 years, but it has not kept pace with developments in sustainable building and its
reputation is suffering as a result.
In an effort to improve its CSR profile, the company is working on a low-rise, high-density
housing project called ‘The Greenfields Development’. This is aimed at providing affordable,
energy efficient housing that promotes sustainable living.
The CEO of SPG is drafting a proposal for the council, outlining areas on which the
development can focus in order to achieve its objective.
You are required to prepare a business report for SPG which gives recommendations on
sustainable practices for the project. In particular, the report should focus on:
1. Energy efficiency
2. Water consumption and management
3. Waste management
*Note: This is a not a real company.
Business Writing Assessment One 2
2. Assessment guidelines
Your Business Report must include the following sections:
• Title Page
• Executive Summary
• Table of Contents
• Introduction
• Findings & Discussions
• Conclusion & Recommendations
• Reference List
The sections should be numbered according to the guidelines provided in class.
Your lecturer will provide a selection of relevant sources on Moodle. A minimum of 4 of
these sources from Moodle must be paraphrased and/or quoted and cited in your report
using correct Harvard in-text referencing. You may also find additional sources to support
your report using Google scholar or government websites.
Remember to include a variety of citations styles (i.e. author prominent and information
prominent). Every in-text reference must match an entry in the reference list. The reference
list should use La Trobe Harvard referencing conventions (see for details).
Note, there are two-parts to the submission of this assessment: the report and the sources.
• Part 1: Submit your report to Turnitin (via Moodle) by 5pm, Sunday Week 6.
• Part 2: Submit a hard copy of your highlighted sources in your Week 7 class. You
should print all the sources that you cited and referenced in your report, and
highlight the sections that you used, and bring this to class to submit to your
Note that late submission of either Part 1 or Part 2 will result in a late penalty being applied.
See the subject learning guide for details of the late submission policy.
Business Writing Assessment One 3
Turnitin is plagiarism detection software. You will be required to submit your report to
Turnitin via the link in Moodle and will receive a ‘similarity score’ and report. The similarity
score should be less than 20%. The similarity report will show you which sections are similar
to other sources. You can submit and resubmit as many times as you like up to the due date;
however, remember if you resubmit, the new similarity report will take up to 24 hours to
appear. Use Mozilla Firefox (not Internet Explorer) to avoid assessment submission errors.
Although PDF is supported, it is recommended to submit you work in .doc or .docx format.
Make sure direct quotes are enclosed in “double quotation” marks, not ‘single quotation’
marks, as Turnitin may not recognise single quotation marks.
Your Business Report should follow these formatting guidelines:
Font size 12
Line spacing 1.5
Text alignment Left aligned
Font style Arial or Times New Roman
Page numbering Bottom of page, right or centre
Remember to set the spellchecker in your word processing software to Australian or UK
3. Marking criteria
The marker will use the rubric on the following page to guide the marking of your report.
You will be able to view the score you received for each of the criteria via “Grademark” on
Business Writing Assessment One 4



Executive Summary

This report looks into the CSR recommendation for Sunselect Property Group (SPG). SPG is a property developer that has lagged behind in implementing sustainability building principles in its project. The company intends to investment in The Greenfield Project that will provide affordable and sustainable housing units. This report finds that energy use, waste management, and wastewater use are three critical issues in sustainable building. These recommendations should be followed in the design and construction of the project.