Writer’s choice project management of a new book store


Business Department

Groups (five to six members each)
The deadline is Wednesday 18th of April 2012.
1. Submitting a report: A soft copy and ONE hard copy.
2. Submitting a poster.
3. Delivering a 10 minutes presentation.
4. Turn it in report (Please note that your case study will not be accepted unless you submit with it the turnitin report).
1. Report
Professional presentation of the Case Study report is required that should consist of neat and organized solutions on one-sided papers. Computer-generated plots and printouts are added-value for all sample and summary calculations.
The report should include:
ï‚· Cover page attached
ï‚· Title Page, Executive Summary, and Table of Contents
ï‚· Problem Description
ï‚· Objectives
ï‚· Project Goals
ï‚· Assumptions (if required)
ï‚· Methodology
a. Mind Map
b. WBS
c. Responsibility Matrix or LCR
d. Network Diagram – AOA/AON or AIB
1. CPM
2. PERT- Three Time Estimates
e. Gantt Chart
f. Resource Histograms
g. Cost Performance and Control
h. Any Additional items relevant to the problem


In the wake of up of new technology, there has been decline in reading culture as more people prefer to use the internet and other new source of information rather than books. The decline in reading culture has also been attributed to fewer book stores as previous book owners taken on the new technology and neglects their book stores. There is a gap in provision of books especially quality books that were written in previous years. While the young generation is technology savvy and can read books which have been written in soft copies, the older generation is not conversant with the new technology, has been neglected in the assumption that people nowadays want to read digitized books. Therefore, this project is aimed at addressing this gap by setting up a new book store that will mainly target the old generation. The new book store will stock varies kinds of books but it will  try to stock books that may not be found in the new book stores or in digitized forms.