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I wanna do a research paper as EIS ( environmental Impact Statement) for a Canadian project related to the environment . you have to look at the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for that project and review it to make it in EIS report.

please send me the name of the project and its outline.
you will have to discuss an review about 4-5 aspects of the EIA and see how the development going on.
Make sure this project has EIA report before.
I prefer to find a project has done 2 reports of EIA in two periods of time and see what is the deference and the development between them .

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I will need the outline ASAP

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This introduction encompasses a general discussion on the topic of environmental awareness and protection. This will provide an insight on the need to conserve the environment.

  • project introduction

This section will bring out in-depth and profound information concerning the Scierie Grande-Riviere Sawmill plant project. An evaluation of the process of the project will also be provided in this section.