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This is a sociology term paper/research proposal the topic/title/problem description is up to the writer this paper should be written as a narrative and include each section i will list below if all communication can be done by email that would be great but calling me is fine pay close attention to directions because it can get tricky also include this double spaced, Time/Times New Roman style, 12 pt font, 1.25 inch margins (top/bottom, left/right)

Topic/problem statement
Problem description
How major theoretical perspectives explain causes of the above problem and state your own hypothesis what is the main cause
Suggest research method to test/explore your hypothesis
Final submission of the revised term paper (Deadline – Sunday, December 4, 11:59 pm)



Topic/problem statement [6 points]: Choose an area of your interest and pick one problem. There are many issues that can be studied using sociological perspective. Some of the examples of such issues are presented in your textbook including aging, crime, health, sports and etc. However, these are very broad sub-fields of sociology and if you define the topic for your term paper this broadly you will have difficult time writing the paper. Therefore, try to be as specific as possible when choosing your own topic. Pick something that is important for you, your family or your friends. Choose an event or problem that may happened in your school, your neighborhood, or your town. For instance, high level of school drop out among your friends or patterns of your church attendance over the last few years.


Describe your problem [Approximately 2 pages; 15 points]: Now that you decided on the topic and formulated the problem you want to describe and/or justify it. The problem you are talking about should be recognized as a problem by others. Make sure that your description is supported with facts such as studies, reports, news papers’ publications, official statistics and etc. In other words you need to demonstrate that this problem exists not only in your own imagination, but also is recognized as a problem by others.


Grading criteria:

Late submission (- 6 pt):

1. Identify clearly what socially significant problem you will be researching (3 points)

2. Provide reliable evidence that support your claim that the problem you will be researching is significant social problem (3 points)*

3. Properly reference the sources you used within the text (3 points)

4. Clearly state your research question (3 points)

* [NOTE: Reliable sources may include other studies, reports, media publications, statistics and etc.]

** [NOTE: To reference the above sources appropriately use as example any scientific paper and follow the example]



Theoretical perspective and research hypothesis [Approximately 4 pages; 30 points]:


Use all three major schools of sociological theories to explain the origins of the above problem. Be specific here. For instance, if you are talking about conflict as a cause of the problem explain what specific type of conflict according to Marx, Martineau, Du Bois, Addams and Bellamy Foster and how works in your problem. In other words, how these philosophers would explain this problem. Based on these theoretical explanations propose your research hypotheses. Research hypotheses are statements that can be tested empirically. For instance, ‘if I stick my finger into a fire place the longer I will hold my finger in the fire the worse the burn injury I will have’. Take a look at this statement. There are two important components here that make this statement empirically testable. First, there are two clearly defined variables: the length of exposure of a finger to fire and the degree of burn. Second, there is a hypothesized relationship between these two variables – positive causation. In other words the longer you hold your finger in the fire the worse is the burn. The only thing is left is to set up an experiment and see what happens to your fingers (you have 10 of them) after 5, 10, 15, 20,…etc. seconds in the fire J.


Grading criteria:

Late submission (-6):

1. No relevant representatives of functionalist school is discussed in the assignment (-3):

2. No relevant representatives of conflict school is discussed in the assignment (-3):

3. No relevant representatives of symbolic interactions school is discussed in the assignment (-3):

4. Theory review does not offer hypotheses for testing* (-6):

5. Hypotheses are not justified by the reviewed theory ** (-6):

6. Improper formulation of hypotheses*** (-6):



* A typical theory review has to offer one or more hypotheses – statements that can be tested during the study. These statements are specific and measurable. For instance, you may be studying students’ performance during multiple choice tests. You reviewed the theory and you think that one of the theories that suggest that active engagement of students in learning process explains why some students do better than others during tests. Your review of studies also suggest that active engagement in learning in the class-room settings is often reflected by active engagement in class discussions and other forms of engagement in classroom activities. The proper hypothesis would state: “this study assumes that those students who are actively engage in class discussions and regularly respond to questions will have significantly higher test scores”

** Your hypothesis does not follow from theory you’ve reviewed

*** In the above example if you say “Active students do better in school” would be a bad choice of wording for your hypothesis. Before you can test the concept ‘active’ you need to define exactly what you mean. Moreover you need to define what you mean by ‘do better in school’.




Research method [Approximately 4 pages; 30 points]:

Now that you described the problem, reviewed possible explanations of this problem with the help of main theories and came up with the solution you need to test if this solution works. Since your solution is only an assumption or a hypothetical solution (that is why it is called a hypothesis in scientific research) you need to verify if using scientific methods. You won’t be doing a true research in this assignment, but you will need to propose a research design that fits the best for testing/exploring your hypothesis/assumption. Write in you term paper

What approach you will use to test/explore your hypothesis (qualitative or quantitative) and why? [6 points]
What research design you will use (experiment, survey, observation, secondary data analysis, etc.) and why? [12 points]
What data/information you will be collecting to test/explore your hypothesis? [12 points]


Checklist of evaluation criteria for the term paper assignment 4:



1. Properly identify the sampling frame for your research (e.g. explain what is the population from which you will draw your sample, how well this frame approximate the population and what are the limitations of this sampling frame):

2. Properly define your sample (e.g. who will be included in the sample and why):

3. Discuss your sampling procedures (how and why sample will be drawn; what are the likely limitations of this sample?):

4. Operationalize key concepts (e.g. define your main concepts in terms of measureable variables)

5. Properly discuss your data collection method (e.g. what method of data collection you will used, why, and outline the step-by-step process – what do first & why, what you do second and why; and so on):

6. Properly discuss your data analysis method (e.g. what method of data analysis you will use and why do you think this method is best for your research?)



Here is the link to one research methods web resource (http://www.socialresearchmethods.net/kb/). I find this resource to be an excellent introductory level methods course that will help you adequately prepare your forth assignment and address all of my comments to your previous assignments.



Citations & references [9 points]:

You need to do proper in-text citations and references of the resources you will be using for your term paper. I don’t request any specific format. However, you need to be consistent in using the format of your choice. To do citing correctly pick a journal of your choice and follow its’ format of reference citing.
Your paper should be a single document written as a narrative. Individual parts of the paper should not fall out. Your problem description should lead to your research question, your theory should answer your research question and offer hypotheses that test your theoretical answer and your methods section should give detailed explanation how you will go about collecting the empirical data that is necessary for testing your hypotheses.

3. Each section of the paper should be clearly identified and introduced by a section title: Introduction or problem description; theory review and hypotheses; methods.

4. To avoid confusion make sure that you clearly identify each grading element of the paper. For instance, if you are introducing a research question, clearly introduce it as “Research question:”. Put it in bold type so that it stands out and clearly identified within the text. Also use this approach for introducing your hypotheses, populations/sampling frame/sample, operational definitions, data collection method and data analysis subsections.


Juvenile delinquency is one of the social problems faced in almost all societies. It is participation of minors under the statutory age limit in criminal and illegal behaviors.  Juvenile delinquency is a problem that affects both boys and girls although more boys exhibit higher rate of juvenile delinquency. Although different strategies have been undertaken to alleviate juvenile deliquescence, it still remains a major problem in every society (Sanni et al., 24). Changes in lifestyle pattern in the world have been a major factor for juvenile delinquency. Although there are many factors that cause juvenile delinquency, family dysfunctional is a major cause of juvenile delinquency.