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Core 4: The Argument

For this essay, you must create an argument for a specific audience, using secondary sources and appropriate appeals to logos, ethos, and pathos that offers a solution to a problem affecting a community or group to which you belong. Your argument is to be socially oriented, not morally; consider what “communities” you are. Broadly, you are all in the community of “college student,” and more specifically “LSCC college student.”

Consider, while writing, what sources you can use to bolster your argument—your sources must be of academic or reputable sources: journals, scholarly books, databases accessed from the library, newspapers, etc. If you are unsure of whether a source is scholarly or not, ask me.

Your essay will require support from four outside sources; you must follow MLA formatting guidelines in reference to citing quotes and page numbers, as well as a proper works cited page, in order to prevent your paper being considered plagiaristic. Plagiarism will result in an automatic failure on this paper and possibly the class, so please take the time to correctly format your paper.

Paper Format:
2000 [double-spaced, 1’’ margins, typed, 12 / Times New Roman]
MLA Formatting
A Works Cited page is required for your essay to receive a passing grade.


Education is one of the most important aspects in society and hence should be taken with optimal seriousness. Many students have an absolute desire to study in various colleges either public, community based and private schools. In the process of learning, there are many different problems that face students either within the school compound or outside the school. These problems are very severe that most of the college students are unable to adequately and competently complete their studies. It has been indicated that, most of the students studying in community-based colleges are severely affected by a number of problems (Boyer & Hamil 14).