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The question of whether American families are on the decline remains a question of great interest to sociologists. American families are on the decline due to political, social and political factors. As America enters into the twenty first century, the status of American family has been an issue of major discussion. Sociologists no longer take it as a subject of research but it has become a dawned reality that American family institution is on the decline. There have been many social changes throughout the twentieth century that have in deed eroded the value of American family institutions. As it stands, it can be predicted that the future of American family institution is quite grim and unless there are well calculated efforts to instill social change, we may soon experience drastic reduction in the population as the family structures breakdown. Even for laymen, the signs are clearly written on the wall. There is increased incidence of single parenting, decreased birth rates, rising and prolonged incidence of childless  couples, social acceptance of same-sex couples, women become more economic independent and preferring not to marry, growing number of women participating in workforce, high rates of divorce and extra marital affairs, and many other trends which are clear indicators of familial evolution. As researchers have point out, the worst is still to come and as Americans celebrate their liberal ideals encouraging freedom for all people, the country is under threat of consuming its own population. America has already started relying on immigrants, as can be evidenced by higher number of professional like nurses who are not Americans. If this trend continues, the future of United States remains bleak. Liberal ideals of free will, freedom, individualism and self-fulfillment will end up consuming the society (Smith, 2001). For traditionalists, the current trend does not in any way indicate a liberalized ideals taking root in the society but it is a serious decline of family, a basic institution that has transcended time and nurtured the future generation to take over the world. American family institution is on the decline and we are in danger of consuming our own society.