Write a persuasive memo.


• Writing Persuasive Messages
This is a typical business communication textbook chapter on writing persuasive messages from one of the most popular business communication textbooks.
Bowman, J. P. Writing Persuasive Messages. Accessed February 17, 2011, at: http://homepages.wmich.edu/~bowman/c4eframe.html
• Ethos and Error: How Business People React to Errors
This fascinating article explains how writing errors can destroy your otherwise hard work in being persuasive (and can make a terrible impression on business people in general). If you ever thought small writing errors at work weren’t important, you owe it to yourself to read this.
Beason, L., (2001). Ethos and Error: How Business People React to Errors. College Composition and Communication. 53(1), 33-64. (This is in the JSTOR database.)
Assignment: Dump Your Own Trash
Please read the following article
Reddy, S. (2010, November 1). Memo to all staff: Dump your trash. The Wall Street Journal, p. A4.
Suppose the Business Division at our University has been singled out for a pilot program to determine whether the entire campus will implement a trash-emptying program. The primary goal is saving money in the midst of campus-wide budget cuts of 25 percent in every division. The busy dean of the Business Division asks you, her executive assistant, to draft a message for her. She knows that she could simply announce a new trash-emptying mandate and demand that faculty members comply. However, she wants to persuade them to buy in to this program so that they comply willingly. She also would like to see her division cited as an example for the entire university.

Your Task. For the signature of Dean, draft a persuasive e-mail addressed to Business Division faculty members. Ask them to begin emptying their own desk trash cans weekly into the large dumpsters in the basement. Supply additional plausible details to enhance this persuasive message.
Apply as many concepts as possible from the readings. After you’ve written the memo, describe how you used the ideas from the readings.
Submit your assignments to CourseNet by the module’s due date.
Assignment derived from Dr. Guffey’s Business Communication Newsletter
Assignment Expectations:
Write a persuasive memo.
Write a summary explaining why you used the principles you used in writing your memo.
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The purpose of this internal memorandum is to inform you that our company intends to implement a trash emptying program. All the members will be required to empty their own desk trash cans weekly into the large dumpsters in the basement. The decision to put in place a trash emptying program is necessary in order to reduce operational costs. At the moment, the university is going through tough financial times. In order to deal with this problem, the management has proposed a number of measures such as improving paper reduction processes, embracing environmentally friendly practices, and energy efficient practices, and technology utilization (Reid, 2010). It is assumed that these measures will save the daily operational costs as well as bring along new technology and resources that will position students on the brink of the future. I am happy to note that already the university management has started using efficient and technology-aided teaching methods, consolidation of our campuses and using more efficient bus routes (Harpalani, 2010). Although, the cost savings that are likely to be achieved through these measures are yet to be validated, it is assumed they will give the university the much needed reprieve.