Wright Mills’s concept, “the sociological imagination.”


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The Promise is a sociology piece that was written in 1959 by C. Wright Mills. The book explains how individual problems are connected to the larger social issues or forces since neither an individual’s life nor society history can be understood without understanding both (Mills, 1959). In other words, Mills (2000) tries to explain that the majority of the issues or problems that individuals face are categorized as personal or private problems,which brought about by social forces or troubles although “people do not usually define the troubles they endure in terms of historical change and institutional contradiction” (Mills, 1959:3). The main aim of the book is to convince the reader to look at the bigger picture that individual problem and issues, and public or social issues, are different aspects emanating from a single process. Sociological imagination calls for the study of personal or private lives in relations to the traditions and history of the society which the individual is a member of. It is the connection of the societal history and traditions that can be used to understand personal troubles and problems which trap people in the society.