World War II through the 1970s


1. Identify at least 2 major historical turning points from WWII through the 1970s

2. Analyze the impact of the two major historical turning points on Americas current society, economy, politics, and culture.

3.Give two reasons why Americans in the late 1930s wanted to stay out of the European conflict that became World War II.

4. Explain the role that women played in World War II.

5. Describe at least 2 civil rights breakthroughs after World War II that moved the cause of Americans forward.

6. Describe 2 ways in which the Vietnam War brought political awareness to a new generation of young Americans.

7. Describe 2 programs of President Johnson’s “Great Society” agenda that are still with us today.


The two major historical turning points are the Battle of the Midway in 4-7th January 1942 and Stalingrad Battle between 1942 and 1943. The battle of Midway in 1942 occurred in the Central Pacific, where the Japanese had envisaged destroying the U.S. forces (Combs, 2012).  However, the U.S had a good communication and command system and they were able to monitor and sink Japanese ships.  On the other hand, the Battle of Stalingrad from 1942 and 1943 saw the Germans attack the Soviets and this resulted in more than 600,000 casualties (Combs, 2012). This was important because it was a turning point in Hitler’s campaign in the East. The battle also led to important strategies that were consequentially used in the war.  The war resulted in the death of more than 4,000 German soldiers and thousands of civilians consequentially weakening Hitler’s aggressive strategy.