World War 2


For this assignment you will write Causal Analysis essay


At least 5 sources:
At least 1 book/Ebook source
At least 1 peer reviewed journal source (You’ll find this through the library, and I will have a lecture on it).
All other sources are considered appropriate for college level writing and have been C.R.A.P. tested where appropriate.
A clear thesis statement that informs the reader of the topic and the kind of causal analysis that will be written (Causes, effects, or both)
Clear transitions and organization that links causes and effects as well as the final thought to be taken away together
Clear demonstration of audience awareness, awareness of purpose, awarness of exigence, awareness of constraints.
Appropriate MLA documentation for all sources


The Second World War remains a monumental event in the history of the world. The war, which is also known as World War II, was a global warfare that started in 1939 and ended in 1945. These years mark the main events of the wars, but the precipitating conflicts had started years earlier.  The reason why it was called a world war is because all the countries were involved directly or indirectly.  The war divided the world down the middle, with states joining either of the opposing military allies. On one side, the United States ganged up with the United Kingdom, France, Russia, and others to form the Allies, while on the other side, Germany allied with Italy and Japan to form the Axis (Wood 57). It turned out to be the most widespread war in the history of the world, with more than 100 million people from over 30 countries participating (Adamthwaite 36). It was an event that brought the world together and gave birth to international institutions that have played a key role in maintaining peace. However, the event did not only lead to untold sufferings but also loss of thousands of lives. It destroyed and brought the world economy to its knees too. The optimistic view of the whole event is that it was an important lesson to the world that guns and bombs will never solve misunderstandings, and dialogue should always be the weapon of choice. Although the Second World War preconditioned by long- and short-termed causes resulted in untold human suffering and destruction of properties, it also left an enduring legacy of industrial and technological growth together with global institutions that have prevented the outbreak of another world war.