Workplace conflict: An inevitable fact of life


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One of the environments that are common on in our life is the workplace. The workplace can be defined as the environment that surrounds our jobs. It is the environment that is provided by the employer (Ford, 2001).   While many people define the workplace in terms of paid employment alone, the workplace extends to the business environment and even the home environment for those who work from home. One of the common features of the workplace is that there are a lot of interactions that takes place (Winslade & Monk, 2000). There are different kinds of people in the work who required different ways of relating to them. Diversity is important in the workplace but it can also be a source of misunderstandings. According to Ford (2001) there will be conflicts in the workplace because in any environment with more than one person, conflicts will always arise.  Considering that the workplace is characterized by the constant interaction of people from different backgrounds, conflicts are therefore a common feature and the best way to deal with conflicts involves knowing how to solve it (Winslade & Monk, 2000).