Work Environment


bstract….Introduction…..then the body …..some examples……limitation if any….conclusion .


Work environment is basically the milieus around an individual. This is a social as well as professional environment whereby a worker is supposed to interact with different people. In an organization, people work in a social environment despite that their roles may be different, they have a common aspect that bide them together (Dobrich et al., 2002). It should be noted that work environment is not only comprised of the living or human element but also other elements like the materialistic world stuff. In this case, these are the tools, equipments, devices and technologies used by a worker in facilitating his work (Disch, 2001). For instance, a retailer selling Apple Company’s product has a work environment that is composed of the products he or she sells, customers who come to purchase these products, and other devices like technology used in that room. In any business, work environment is of great importance as it helps in indicating the relationship between the worker and the surroundings (Friedrichs, 2011). This study focuses mainly on the human resource management hence the social and psychological aspect of work environment. In an organization, employees who do not get time to socialize with others because of the nature of their work are at higher risks of getting stress at workplaces. This is because the social aspect of work is very imperative in an organization and should be improved (Chen, 2008). Basically, it is the responsibility of the human resource manager to provide a conducive working environment in order to motivate employees to be productive.