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Brody, Jane E. “The loving feeling takes a lot of work.” The New York Times 14. 2013.

Brody defines love as the emotions that make individuals forget their challenges regardless of the challenges that they might be undergoing.

“- the feelings that prompt people to forget all their troubles and fly down the street with wings on their feet-“ (Brody np)

According to Brody, love is an aspect of life that is filled with ups and downs.Brody illustrates the connection between love and marriage. He posits that love is connected to marriage in that couples have to make vows when being joined together in love during a wedding ceremony. However, this source raises concerns on the number of divorce cases in the United States which make it difficult to bind love with marriage. The article explains how marriages are supposed to be united by the feeling of love but instead most people break up because these feelings eventually fade away because of the responsibilities that individuals face during the latter phases of their lives.