Women, Substance Abuse and PTSD


7. Research Paper Students will write a research paper that explores the impact of addiction on a special population. Include a summary of current research and evidence basis for treatment. A minimum of eight scholarly references no more than 5 years old should be incorporated. The paper should be 8-10 pages in length, excluding Title Page and Reference Page. Submit your topic and main points in outline format by week 3. (CACREP II.F.7.a, II.F.3.e-f, II.F.5.b, II.F.3.d, II.F.5.n, II.F.1.e, II.F.2.h, II.F.7.e, II.F.2.c, II.f.7.k-l, II.F.7.e)

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In the past decades, little studies have been carried out regarding substance abuse in women since researchers held the belief that substance use was a men related practice. In the contemporary society, however, the issue of drug abuse has cut through both genders with both men and women adopting the trait of drug abuse not only in public joints but also in the general public. Epidemiologic surveys conducted indicate that the gap that had earlier existed between men and women about drug abuse has narrowed to the extent that it is now days not notable.  The explained ideology implies that women are engaging in drug abuse practices more than men are. In the year 2004, a national survey indicated that 6.5% of females aged 12 years and above depended or abused drugs (Giarratano, 2013). The challenging aspect of the explained report is that a percentage of less than one receives the appropriate medication in regard reviving them from drug addiction.