Women should not be in the military


I need an argumentative essay about women should not be in army. This argumentative essay should be 2 pages and the outline should be in attachment and three works cited. I need 3 body paragraphs, each one should have one source and then you rebuttal to the argument. Also, I want to talk about physical abilities in the body one, and body 2 is sex and sexual harassment. Also, the last body is health. You need to find arguments that are opposite to my argument position so that I can rebut to them. So you are as writer should be CON, you need to find PRO arguments. Then after saying what their argument is I have my rebuttal. DO NOT FORGET to write text citations. THE organization of the Argument Essay must be (Point-by- Point) also, see the attachments to tell you what I exactly need. In addition, please do not write any sources in the introduction or even in conclusion just using your own words. Please make entire the essay as simple sentence as possible like using the simple words.


Thesis: Women should not be a part of combat in the combat because of sex and sexual harassment, limitations in physical abilities, and health issues.

Women should not be a part of combat in the military because of their physical abilities.

Women do not have the physical ability that is required to endure a combat.

Mental strength is required because which women cannot endure because they are considered too fragile.

However, there are women who are as strong as men who can carry 100 pounds of military gear and cover the same distance as men