women in saudi arabia


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Despite the fact that Saudi Arabia is a modern and rich country, it is considered as traditional and conservative. The key objective of this study is to elaborate on the various laws as well as regulations governing men and women in this country. Explicit and overt gender differences especially in matters relating to their roles is considered as one of the major factor that shapes its context nature. This study states my object for gender differences in Saudi Arabia as women are the victims of gender discrimination. The Saudi Arabian government is doing very little and almost nothing in ensuring that women in the country are given right of accessing education, freedom of movement, and the right of securing or owning a job. The aspect of gender roles is in most cases applied in religion and or religious police, culture, and government agencies. These are some of the issues that touch women and which will be considered in this study. There has been an increased belief that Sheria laws and religious police contribute largely to gender differences as they have authority over the people. There are other people who believe that culture plays a critical role in shaping gender differences with religion being used just as a scapegoat. Additionally, due to the traditional patriarchal authority there are increased differences in gender roles where women are considered as inferior. The government of the country is blamed to be going very little and almost nothing to solve this problem of gender differences. This shows that the Saudi Arabian government is in one way or the other perpetuating gender differences whereby women are considered as the victims.