Wolfe Case Analysis


Answer the questions then provide why ……..the Reference will be the text book Human resource Management 12 edition by John M Ivancevich


The main reason of having self-directed teams is to improve the productivity of an organization or company. For instance, RL Wolfe was capable of improving its productivity level from 80% to 95% when self-directed teams are implemented. In order for the STDs to effectively function in an organization, there are key design characteristics that should be put into consideration. These features include, hiring, job definitions, team setup and responsibilities, and the major role of the team coordinator. These features are required in order to ensure that each and every member of the team has a role to play hence there is no role conflict. However, there are some features that are important for the success of the organization while others are just good to have them. For instance, it is good to have job definitions but for the case of RL Wolfe, if there is a problem and the line operator is aware of how to fix it, the extrusion line would only wait for the maintenance worker to fix the problem. This shows that job definition is good to have but does not necessarily lead to business success. Nonetheless, factors like team setup and responsibilities and hiring are very essential in determining the success of the company. Other factors like the role of the coordinator in a team and job definitions may not be determinant of business success but they are important in a business.