wk 6 hc respondence


Please respond to the 2 statements. Please number the statements and cite within text; if needed.

1. Hello, I do agree with the 3 strikes malpractice law. I have had a family member that had a surgery done that resulted in worse shape than before because of a doctor’s mistake. I’m not going into detail about what happened, but he has done this before several times. When a doctor takes that oath, they are responsible for giving great care. It seems that some are only in it for the money. This particular doctor has had multiple malpractice suits filed against him but yet he is still practicing medicine. If you are a doctor you can’t afford to make a lot of mistakes, this is someone’s life we’re talking about. There are a lot of blood sucking lawyers out there but there are some good ones as well.


2. I agree with it, I just don’t think that all the doctors should have to pay a high payment for malpractice. If they are convicted of malpractice to many times then their payment should go up. But if they are good doctors and do good work then they shouldn’t pay such a high payment. But I know there are a lot of doctors out there who are in it for the money and don’t care about the patient so I would think it would be up to a judge on this one, and the situation for which the doctor is being charged. But that is just me.


  1. Medicine is a delicate and sensitive profession since it entails dealing with the precious lives of people. All doctors and caregivers must therefore be very careful and responsible when practicing. The profession has been infiltrated by quacks masquerading as doctors just for the sake of money and not to offer quality services. The government must vet all practitioners intending to go into practice and put them under oath to protect the general public. The Three Strikes Malpractice Law must be enforced to the letter, to avoid cases where doctors put patients under risk and get away with it(Stout, 2010). These doctors’ licenses should be cancelled and the medics banned from future practice. Lawyers who defend such careless doctors should stop and instead help the government agencies in enforcing the law.The regulation of legal fees for lawyers who represent victims is also a welcome move to prevent unscrupulous advocates from taking advantage of the situation to make money.