why games are GOOD for society


On this paper review the draft and compare it with the paper description and requirements below after that add your comments and suggestions on the sides of the draft than edit the paper with the improvement. What should be turned in: 1- The comments and suggestions. 2-The paper after improvement.

paper description and requirements:

In this paper you will be making argument that game playing is a benefit to society. You may think that you don’t completely favor but you still need to additional research and convince me that you have the evidence to support your argument Read articles 16, 31, 34 from the text. Find 3 additional references to support your paper. In general, the following guide lines should be followed. · The paper should be 4 pages in length, double spaced, using a 12 point font, with 1 inch margins. · The paper should have a minimum of 3 references. That is, the paper should contain information gathered from several sources. It should not be just a paraphrase of one article. · Because the technology changes so rapidly, your best resource will most likely be from the Internet. · The paper must contain a proper bibliography and citations. Please use a style manual—it is not important which one—if you are not sure of the proper form. The citations can be in the form of a footnote, an endnote, or the style that is more common in technical journals. The following example illustrates this. Suppose I am doing a paper on message routing in a multi-computer, and one of the articles I am using for a reference has the bibliographical reference: [1] Christopher J. Glass and Lionel M. Ni, “The Turn Model for Adaptive Routing”, in Proceedings of the 19th Annual International Symposium on Computer Architecture, (Gold Coast, Australia), pp. 278–287, ACM press, May 1992. When I cite something from this paper, it would look like: Glass and Ni proposed a solution to the problem of deadlock in wormhole routing called the Turn Model [1]. · Remember that you must cite your references for a direct quotation and for ideas that are not your own. A 3-5 page paper without any citations would be very unusual. If you are citing a document you found on the Web, you must also include the URL (Universal Resource Location; for example, the URL for the Computer Science department home page is http://odin.wosc.osshe.edu). The following is an example of a bibliography entry from a document obtained from the web. J. Gosling, “The Java Language Environment,” white paper, Sun Microsystems, Mountain View, CA, 1995; http://java.sun.com.


For the number of years video games have been in the market, they have been associated with children, and for sociologists, they are a major factor influencing juvenile delinquency. However, there are a rising number of seniors who are playing video games today. Playing video games is a trend that is becoming, especially among the elderly. There are many benefits that are associated with video games including the improvement of the physical agility, social interaction and cognitive health. According to Gee Paul James, the author of book “Why Video Games are Good for Your Soul: Pleasure and Learning”, from the best video games, people can create music of their own, compose a symphony from the actions of their own feelings, movements, and decisions.  For the seniors, playing video games does not only improve their health but it also improves their social life. According to McGonigal (Cited in article 16), “Games have all these amazing superpowers, blissful productivity, the ability to weave a tight social fabric, this feeling of urgent optimism, and the desire for epic meaning” (p. 70).  This allows them to be pros, feeling and acting like a city planner’s expert soldier.  Seniors can draw a lot of health benefits by playing video games.