why does the president take the lead in foreign policy?


why does the president take the lead in foreign policy? was this the founding fathers intentions?shold the congress have a bigger role int his? why and/or why not? should there be more or less restrictions on our military?should the united states be more or less aggressive militarily? can we afford this?


One of the greatest powers which are endowed to the executive office of the president in the United States is making of foreign policies.  In making foreign policies, the president acts as a statesman for the country deciding the path the country should take in its relationship with the rest of the world. The president makes foreign policy for the country from the constitution powers which empower executive to make foreign policy as a response to foreign events, legislation proposal, negotiating international agreements, policy statements, implementation of policies, or as an independent action.

However the founding fathers of the nation had the dream of a shared responsibility in making of foreign policies. Foreign policies are important in the existence of a government that serves the public as well as relating well with other countries.  It is for this reason that the initial constitution of the United States sought to have more powers on making of foreign policy laid on the legislative body or the congress.