why did the ambitious plans for plantaton in later tudor ireland fail so bably


colm lennon book 16th century ireland


Plantations in Ireland were used as a symbol to mark the conquest and the presence of the crown. Plantation in Ireland can be classified into the early and the later conquest. The early plantations were established in light of cooperation between the land owners and the settler from England and somehow in compromise of the religious situation. However massive rebellion and killing of the settlers ended the first wave of plantations. The plantations also occurred in full context of the Tudor re-conquering of Ireland and were carried out with the hope of unifying and Anglicizing Ireland under the consolidated English rule. The plantations were aimed at making Ireland a reliable passion and a source of economic success with plantations in form of colonization playing a key role   in this conquest (Lennon, 1995).  These plantations came into two forms. First there was the exemplary plantations under few English farmers came up with model farming which could be emulated by the Irish farmers. The second was the punitive farms which were characterized by the mass confiscation of Irish land for settlement by the English farmers.