Who can save Homelessness?


Essay Assignment:
In a well-organized essay, using ample text references to support your analysis, write about the picture the author, Sanchez, creates of homeless women through the language she uses. How do homeless women look, seen through the eyes of the writer? What kinds of places do they inhabit? How do they spend their days and nights? What do they feel? What is their philosophy of life?
Then, using an effective transition, write about how you view the life of the homeless and the issue of homelessness. Discuss your answer to the last line of the piece: “Where do the bluebirds go when they’re all used up?” (l. 82)
Conclude, very briefly, with a significant thought you’d like the reader to think about related to the essay’s topic.


Sanchez creates the picture of the life of black homeless women in the urban areas of America in her prose- poem ‘Bluebirdbluebirdthrumywindow’. In this picture, the author portrays the painful mental and physical realities of homeless women. She does this by using many languages of the disenfranchised as well as dead in describing the lives of the poorly black women. They are ‘uncivilized’ as they wander on black ‘ulcerated, cracked’, and they are other but not us (Sanchez, 1. 44). This means that the black homeless women are not like the other people in the urban areas but belong to another group of people. This is evident by the towels ‘wrapped with a rope around the feet of the woman in order to keep them warm’ (Sanchez, 1. 10-11). The fact that she went ‘to sleep in the world’ as it ‘scrambled on’ in her absence, shows that like a mummy she is preserved but not of the present. This shows that she is demote to the outside world to an inactive position of ‘watching the whirl of people pass by’ (Sanchez, 1. 13-14).