whether or not ownership of exotic animals should be legal?


it is an English 104 class essay that i attach the instructions.
Essay #5 (Out-of-Class): Ownership of Exotic Animals

Purpose: This unit deals with the affects that the ownership of exotic animals can have on society, as a whole. Furthermore, this unit also focuses on the rationale behind killing wild animals who often give in to their wild, natural instincts. In this essay, you should practice making an argument through the moralist’s perspective (refer to Chapter 10 of our book on The Moralist’s View, particularly the checklist on page 402).
Topic: In some states, such as Ohio, owning wild animals is not against the law. Due to this flexible legal system, Terry Thompson, a resident in Ohio, was able to own and raise over 50 wild animals, including tigers, bears, lions, panthers, etc., and then let them loose into the open residency. This resulted in the killing of 50 exotic animals, some of which are currently endangered species; furthermore, in 2009, a Chimpanzee named Travis was stabbed to death after exhibiting aggressive behavior and attacking his owner’s friend. Finally, in October of 2003, Roy Horn, also known as Roy from the duo, Siegfried and Roy, was attacked by his tiger, Montecore, with a nearly fatal bite to the neck. According to Siegfried and Roy, the tiger had sensed that his owner was experiencing a low blood pressure and was only trying to help him; however, animal behaviorists claim that the tiger’s actions were nothing short of a predatory attack. However, one example of a human interaction with wild animals that, to this day, has people amazed, is the one seen between Kevin Richardson and his exotic animals. Kevin Richardson is an animal behaviorist, who does not believe in studying his objects from a safe distance; therefore, he fully interacts with all kinds of wild animals, including lions, hyenas, and panthers. Some argue that this human/animal interaction is unnatural and wrong, while others believe it promotes the long term well being of these exotic animals.
Writing Task: Thinking about the cases and incidents above, please respond to ONE of the following questions in a focused essay of 3-4 FULL PAGES, using at least THREE sources: Your sources may include articles, news reports and scholarly studies on wild animals.

Analyze whether or not ownership of exotic animals should be legal.

Tips: In responding to this prompt, you may want to think about specific examples to support your thesis. For example, you may want to think about the reasoning Jack Hanna provided for killing the animals in Ohio. What may have happened if the animals were allowed to live? Could the entire situation have been avoided with the right legal system? Also, you may want to think about the reasons that animals attack. Why did the Chimpanzee attack his owner’s friend? What may have been the reason that Montecore attacked his owner? Do these attacks bring injustice to the owners or the pets? Also, since the second option asks you to argue the legality of the issue, it is a good idea to also consult Chapter 11 of our book titled A Lawyer’s View. Make sure you offer proof for all your claims.
Directions: You should develop a well-developed essay using at least 4 sources. Since this essay is a bridge (or practice) for your research paper, all your sources should be outside sources that you find through research. Use 12 point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins. NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.


Since the first animal was domesticated, human beings have relied on animals for survival and for companionship. Domestication of animals was first emphasized on animals in which human could draw benefits like food, security, transport and others, but with time, domestication of exotic animals was also embraced.  While some people will enjoy companionship from cats and dogs, other pet owners enjoy companionship from exotic pets like lions, tigers, and others.  However, domestication of exotic animals brought about many concerns and as a results, state laws were formulated to regulate this practice.  Different states have different laws governing ownership of exotic animals, stipulating which kind of animals should be owned and how they should be treated.  However, turn of events in the recent past, where owners have been attacked by exotic pets while others have released them to the public, has raised concerns on the legality of ownership of exotic animals.  Ownership of exotic animals should be legal so long as owners treat them in the right manner and handle them as per the stipulated laws.