Where’s the Money Go?


Its an argumentative essay about our school spending more on the athletic department then academic programs. I attend Pittsburg State university in Pttsburg Kansas.

If yo go to www.pittstate.edu then you should be able to find supporting articles anddocuments. a rough draft with outline is due this afternoon.

Arguing Essay: Portfolio #4
Directions: This essay must be no less than 3 pages and must contain at least 3 sources cited on an MLA works cited page.
Choose a subject that interests you or relates to you own experience. You may even choose a subject that you have already written about for this class. Then examine the subject for a debatable claim of fact or definition, value, cause and effect, or policy that you could make about it. It the claim is arguable, you have a focus for your arguing paper. Analyze your probable audience to guide your argumentative strategy.
Topics off limit are things such as abortion, capital punishment, immigration, drinking age and drug legalization, euthanasia, etc.
?� Essay must focus on a debatable proposition or claim
?� You must represent and evaluate the opposing points of view on the issue fairly and accurately, then argue reasonably against those opposing viewpoints for your claim.
?� You must support your claims with sufficient evidence ??� ie. First-hand experience or observations; statistics, facts and quotations, and results from surveys and interviews.


Financial management in an institution is one of the trickiest issues. Most institutions operate on a tight budget since the amount of fees paid by students may not be enough to cover all expenses. As such, financial discipline is important in success of any institution. The administration must ensure that the institution is able to fund all its programs from the available resource. This means that there must be a prioritization program in which the most important programs will be funded first while other less important programs comes later either in period of funding or in the actual amount of fund allocated to each program. Observing the resource allocation in my school, Pittsburg University Kansas, there are important questions that arise in the skewed allocation of school money. A close look at spending pattern of the school reveal that  there is more funding that goes to athletics as compared to academic program and the question remain where does the money go?