What differences and similarities between the book and music



conversely, instead, on the other hand, on the contrary,

rather, yet, but, however, nevertheless, in contrast

by the same token, likewise, similarly, in like manner,
correspondingly, identically, moreover


Caution: when using these transition words to connect two sentences, you must use a semicolon!

}Do not oversimplify by using words like better than or worse than or not as good.
}Give specific reasons and details as you compare and contrast your two topics.
Discuss each point for both topics. Do not emphasize one topic or point. Write a balanced comparison/contrast essay


1.The introduction should present the reader with the two topics and contain a thesis statement that says what points will be the basis of your comparison/contrast.
2.The conclusion should be your evaluation of the two topics or a summary of your findings.
3.Document any outside sources you use both inside the essay and at the end of the essay on a separate page.

topic: What differences and similarities between the book and music What differences and similarities between the book and music


Books and music are the two important ways to pass a message. Books and music are both used for different purpose ranging from entertainment, information, and others. They are an important means through which a source codes a message and relays it to the audience, who in this case including readers and listeners.  Although they serve similar purposes, books and music have a number of similarities and differences.

One of the ways to compare books and music is through their purposes.  According to Leggio (2002) books are informative. By the same token, music serves the same purpose of passing a mess to the audience. They are means of coding and relaying information to the audience. They are products of a creative mind that want to convey a given message to the audience. However, books and music serve different purpose. While music is used to create or to enhance a certain mood, a book is basically used to convey certain information.  Music sparks emotions, especially if it can be related to a situation that was experienced before.