What are some of the key areas that you would look at when assessing your professional development?

This assignment is about building library research skills – (topic research skills interest will be on Addiction counseling (1page needed) First Assignment.
Literature research skills take time to develop and will evolve throughout the program. This is your opportunity to share tips and encouragement regarding research skills.
After completing the steps outlined in the second study in this unit, use this discussion post to record your final assessment score and reflect on 1) your search process in locating the three articles and 2) the research and information literacy skills you learned from the Library RAILS resource.
As you write, please give specific examples from your approach and support your advice with references to the Library RAILS resource or any of the links listed in this unit’s studies.
Suggested points to address in your post:
• Was it hard to focus your topic? Why or why not? What strategies did you employ to focus your topic?
• Which database(s) did you search? Why did you choose to research in that database?
• Was it hard to find the right keywords (that is, the best psychological terms and jargon to use in your search)? What strategies did you employ to find appropriate keywords for your searches?
• Was it difficult to find current research on your topic? Or have you found this difficult in the past?
• Did you find Boolean commands (ANDs and ORs) confusing? What tips would you give others for learning these commands?
• How might you improve your search? What steps you might take?
• Do you feel confident in your skills to find 10–20 relevant, on-topic, credible articles, if needed? Explain what fuels your confidence or what may be deterring your confidence.

Second – Assignment: 1 page needed. Please make sure you show where second assignment starts. Thanks!

Using the articles you found related to professional identity and technology within counseling, prepare a discussion post (250–300 words) that answers the following questions:
1. What are some of the key areas that you would look at when assessing your professional development? Describe how these areas influence your own professional development currently and in the future.
2. What is your evaluation on how technology affects practice, creates innovative solutions, and optimizes performance?

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