Week Two Discussion


After reading the Buttner, Lowe, and Billings-Harris (2010) article on diversity and promise fulfillment by organizations , discuss your thoughts on how organizations, and your organization in particular, can use this information to better understand, manage, and leverage diversity to achieve strategic human resource goals. Your response to this should include at least two outside references and provide a solid overview of your understanding of strategic Human Resource Management.


Today, more than ever, the world is becoming a melting pot of all cultures. This means that any organization is likely to employ people with different racial background. Diversity management has become the most important aspect of human resource management because of increased diversity within the workforce. Human resource literature has further shown that diversity is not only vested in racial variation but also in other aspects like religion, sexual orientation, gender, and others.   As highlighted by Buttner, Lowe, & Billings-Harris. (2010) diversity management is an important engagement in any organization that must be considered a core operation of human resource department. There are important recommendations in this study that are applicable to my organization.