week 6 discussion


The Supreme Court recently upheld most of the affordable health care act. Each state will set up a health care exchange for small businesses or use one set up by the federal government. Find and summarize one article that discusses health care exchanges for small businesses

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Affordable Care Act, What’s In It? Health Insurance Exchanges That Work For Rural

In his article, Bailey (2011) looks at the impact of the new Affordable Care Act on the health care status of the rural American in light of the insurance exchanges arising from the act. In the article, Bailey (2011) argues that the main role of the health insurance exchange is to help individuals and small business to access affordable and quality health insurance coverage for all. The author first describes the health insurance exchanges and states how they are likely to affect health care in the country in line with the new law. The author argues that the new healthcare law has allowed states to create two exchanges  including American Health Benefits Exchanges  for single individuals and e Small Business Health Options (SHOP)  exchanges that is meant for businesses with not more than 100 employees. However, the author looks at the challenges that may impede on the implementation of the exchanges in special areas like rural areas that do not have the infrastructures like the internet are required to implement the exchanges. Most rural areas may not meet the minimum requirements that are required to implement the exchanges. The author recommends that in order to accommodate rural areas, the author recommends that states should come with ways of providing exchanges that are beyond the minimum requirements as provided in the Affordable Care Act. In addition, the author recommends that there should be strategies that make the exchanges more attractive to employers and small business. This will make sure employers are more responsive to cover the large number of employees in the rural areas who are likely to fall within the risk pool. For example, the exchanges must be structured in a way that can allow for pooling.