Water Pollution Problems


Need to find two or more articles about a water pollution problem in the Eastern United States. The articles can deal with pollution problems in surface or ground waters. You will need to turn these articles in with your paper. The articles can come from the Internet, but if you get articles from the Internet be sure they are from a reputable news organization. In your paper, explain what is causing the water pollution problem and why it is a problem. Explain possible solutions to the problem. Who will be negatively impacted by these solutions? Be sure to use information from the articles you collected in your paper. Make sure your paper is well organized and well written. Your paper should be an in depth review of a single water pollution problem. For example, you might focus on a pollution event that occured or on a single pollutant like nitrates, explaining where they come from, the problems they cause and how they can be controlled. Your paper can be on any water pollutant or pollution problem, but give an in depth review of a single pollutant or pollution problem.


Water Pollution in Eastern United States

Water pollution is a major problem in the United States. All over the world, water pollution is increasingly becoming a major public health concern as statistics shows rising level of pollution in major waterways.  Since sustenance of life on earth depends on water, water pollution is a major threat to life on earth.  As more waterways become polluted, the amount of clean water available for domestic use is decreasing at an alarming rate.  Most source of pollution emanates from human effort to make their lives better, but animal, on land and in ocean, becomes the major culprit of the rising level of water pollution. For example, recent studies have revealed that whales have a higher concentration of carcinogenic chemicals which are endangering their lives.  Water pollution is particularly dangerous because all these chemical pollutants may end up in our bodies, which will come with devastating health consequences.