water feasibility


write a report assessing the feasibility of different techniques for providing fresh water to arid regions in the world.
– you may consider arid regions in general or concentrate on the needs of a specific area.
– you should consider at least two different water provision techniques.

please use a report format, you must use SUB-HEADING AND A NUMBERING SYSTEM throughout. 1200 words


Water is essential in life. Without water, there can be no life.   History has shown that most of the earlier civilization collapsed because of the change of weather patterns that eventually lead to diminished water supply. More than 30% of the entire world is comprised of land that is arid and semi arid, implying that access to safe and clean drinking water is a major challenge (Masters 97).  Waster shortage in arid and semiarid areas is one of the major challenges obstructing social and economic development. With pressure on the available land because of the growing population, there have been efforts to increase water supply in these areas. As a result, there are different techniques that have been developed to increase water supply. This study will look at the feasibility of different water supply techniques to arid and semi arid areas.