War on Democracy: Venzuela


Watch the documentary "The War on Democracy by
John Pilger" and write a Reflection Paper between 1000-2000 words 12 font double spaced.
* focus on democracy aspect and how the US presidents has a propaganda on words democracy and liberty, while the US was accused to participate on the coup against Hugo Chavez.
Link: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3739500579629840148
I need my paper to be in favor of Pilger’s biased view even
if US want involved in the coup, the US was against Hugo Chavez throgh the
media. The focus should be in how US presidents didn’t support Latin
Ameruica version of Democracy as it contradicts with their own intrests and
their national security as Venezula has 15% share of supply of oil to US.
Its like the West is casting a net of political and economic nets on the
world to service their own interest. Moreover, is such inequality of wealth
ditribution exist in a wealthy country something is defently wrong and it
appears US is supporting such political and economic corruption whle they
spread propoganda’s and engage in lossing wars in the name od democracy and

SOURCES: I want only online sources are more attainable to
me. Moreover, if you could add quote from the movie.


The War on Democracy is a documentary film that was produced in 2007 by John Pilger and Christopher Martin.  It is a documentary that focuses on the political of Latin American and interference by United States government. This film rebukes the stand taken by United States of America against Latin American countries and how this has affected their survival political, economically and socially.  At the beginning, John Pilger says that “the glad design of United States as a modern empire was drawn, on hopes of entire continent known contentiously as back yard”. As the opening words of the film, Pilger shows the interconnectedness of the United with the Latin American countries, as part of the gland plan to establish United States of America. Although he does not show the interrelatedness between United States and Latin American countries, Pilger bases his words on the actions that have been taken by United States historically to deny Latin American countries freedom to exist as Free states.  In addition, the file opens with words of Gorge Bush who says “American will not impose our own style of government on the unwilling. Our goal instead is to help others find their own voice…. [and] attain their own freedom and make their own way” (Moen). These words were contrary to what Americans have been doing for the better part of the 20th century in Latin American. They have led coups to overthrow democratically elected governments which do not dance to their tunes. Although this film focus  on different countries in Latin America, this paper will specially target Venezuela, a country that account for 15% of net oil import for the United States (The War on Democracy).