W 6 Professional Issues Discussion


Assess the article covering the issue of health care exchanges created by the Affordable Care Act. Discuss the HR professional issues of:
o What is the best strategy to develop and administer benefits and should each employee pay some of the costs or should costs be borne by the employer?
o Also, what are the 3 most important benefits an employer should offer?

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2-you may use the same article for my 2 papers.thanks.


One of the results of the affordable care act is the creation of healthcare exchanges like health insurance exchanges.  Implementing these exchanges can be a major challenge especially if they are not well planned for.  Therefore, there is need to come up with up with plans to develop and administer benefits for all the stakeholders. Such a plan should consider the exchange and the affected stakeholders. By understanding all the stakeholders, it will become important to leverage a position where all the stakeholders are benefiting from the exchanges.  For example for insurance exchanges, the exchange should benefit both the employer and the employee.