visual file piece 2 semiotics, visual file piece 3 representation


1) In 500 words analyse the representation of homosexuality (from one of the images of Jean Paule Gaultier ‘s adverts) gay man advertising perfume.

2)Write a 500 word semiotic analysis of one image ( the Cristian cross)


Representation of homosexuality in Jean Paul Gualtier’s perfume image reveals much about this culture. This paper would explicitly identify the language, signs and image characteristics of 2009 summer fragrance in bringing sense of homosexuality as a culture which exist and its related characteristics. First bottle assumes a man’s upper body and thighs without arms.  On it is the writing “Le Male” suggesting that this product belongs to men and only they normally use it from the thigh region to the chest.

On the package, writings related to “Tonight” can faintly be noticed. This, to some extent, depicts that the product is mostly used during night hours by homosexuals. The package can be seen as round with only one opening at the bottom of the container. This round shape of the package signifies the shape of a man’s sexual organ while round opening signifies a female’s organ. It therefore represents homosexuals as having both organ structures thus it is useful in boosting a man arousal for sex. With this, we can say that homosexuals play sex.