Virgin Australia Report


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Virgin Australia is an airline company co-founded in the year 2000 by Brett Godfrey, the founder of Virgin Blue and Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin group. The company is the second largest airline in Australia after Qantas airlines. Furthermore, it is considered to be the biggest airline company by fleet size to use the term Virgin as their brand(Australia Airlines, 2012, 32). Currently, the firm is based in Bowen Hills, Brisbane, and it serves 30 cities in Australia. Virgin Australia gained popularity in 2001 after the collapse Ansett Australia (Anderson, & Landau, 2014, 72). At first the company operated as a low-cost carrier but rebranded itself to a self-described airline that gave the company a better platform to compete with Qantas in the business market.  In 2011, the company re-strategized on their goals. For example, they introduced new uniforms, new catering option on board and bought new wide body crafts and they presented the business class to compete with Qantas.