I choose the topic of violence. I added the outline I gave my professor and he said it was good but too broad. he suggested I choose either (WW2 violence) or (slavery and violence in the 1800s). the assignment is to prove violence happened and not to explain why it happened.


Slavery is one of the most violent periods in the history of the world. Contemporary accounts of slavery in the Americas cannot be complete without a narrative on violence against the slaves. Although such narratives are varied, there is documented evidence of all kinds of violence including torture, sexual, and many others.  At the height of slavery in the Americas, slaves endured different forms of violence.  A review of former slaves’ narratives recognizes a central role played by violence in maintaining the institution of slavery.  Violence was used to elicit conformity to the institutionalized culture of slavery and to show the power of the masters of their subjects. Violence was not only humiliating, but it also came with severe health consequences like permanent body injuries.