Value Proposition


Value Propositions for Market Segment




Product: The company is based in Italy’s largest footwear district, makes shoes, mainly classic footwear.




Submit a 3-page double spaced paper on the selected value proposition for your chosen global market. The purpose of this individual assignment on value proposition is for students to analyze and apply key global marketing principles.  This assignment should highlight relevant global marketing principles relating to market segmentation, product, pricing, distribution and/or select promotion strategies that provide value (benefits less costs) to the customer. You can select any strategy that you find suitable. High quality papers include innovative ideas and good writing style.  You can reflect additional research from the secondary research resources.


Apply the Value Proposition Template to introduce an innovative product/service to the market segment of the company.


Founded in 1956, Manas is one of the leading fashion designers in the world. The company is an established shoe design known for famous ladies and men boots in Italy. It is located in Italy’s largest footwear district and is associated with classic footwear. Manas is a footwear icon in Italy.


Marketing Objective

The objective is to gain 30% share of classic shoes market in Italy by 2015 by providing innovative souvenir shoes to all the tourists visiting Italy.

Novelty Items: Souvenir shoes that can be given as presents and reminds visitors of their visit to Italy

Selection: Variety for souvenir shoes for all the age groups including men, women, and children. There is a high potential to expand the product line to include handbags, hats, and others.