Using Social Media in Hiring


Week Five Discussion
For this week’s topic, research the controversial HR practice of checking a job candidate’s social media sites as part of the selection process. Find at least one article and provide a summary for the discussion board.

Note:Only 1 page discussion needed.Thanks.


According to Bates (2013) the social media has become an important point of reference during hiring.  Most employees see the social media as an important avenue to understand the hidden life of their potential employees. However, Bates (2013) contends that there are many legal pitfalls in this practice, making it a controversial ethical issue.    Most HR professionals have argued that the legal pitfalls are not worth all that trouble but Bates thinks otherwise.

If the process is done carefully, the author contends that it can significantly expand HR professionals’ understanding of the universe of the applicants.  According to Tabibi (2012) it can shed valuable light on the candidates, especially in some of the hidden life they characters may not show during the interviews. It will give employers important information about the applicant that cannot be obtained through interviews.   This means that the social media can help an organization understand more about the applicants and make that critical decision whether or not to include them in their workforce.