User Input Web Pages

All files are located in the subdirectory of the website. The website should function as follows: When you run the website, you will be presented with a page (from Main) that allows you to go to the different parts of the website you are developing. You will be able to go to the annual salary calculator we added last week and to the data entry form for personnel this week. When you go to the personnel data entry page you should be able to enter data in the from Personnel form and have it displayed in the from Personnel Verified form. Your salary calculator will also be available from the main page and will calculate properly when you enter data. Each page should link back to the main page via the Cool Biz logo hyperlink. Once you have verified it works, save your website, zip up all files, and submit in the Dropbox. Each page (except from Main) will include the Cool Biz logo that is hyperlinked back to from Main.

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