The Urbanization in China Nation


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Submit the following all in one Word document in the order shown.


List six references for your research paper in APA format. Below each reference write one paragraphs in which you analyze the credibility of the source and discuss its relevance for your research question. .

Proposed Thesis Statement

Submit your proposed thesis statement.

Draft Outline

Develop an outline of the body of your paper—the review of the literature—that provides support for your thesis statement. You should generally have three main headings in the body of your paper, which are indicated in your thesis statement. Then, below those, list supporting points for each heading, identifying the source or sources you think you will use for those points (from among the articles on your reference list).  This resource from OWL Purdue may be of help in developing your outline:


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Research Paper Assignment Details

The research paper consists of an objective examination of a liberal arts topic related to living in a global community. You may research some aspect of culture (e.g., politics, social change, music, film, art, theatre, literature, science, religion, etc.) in a country other than the United States.  Or, you may focus on an aspect of US culture that has implications for the global community.

**You may not write about a topic that is related in any way to your major. My major is Accounting.


Globalization refers to the worldwide phenomenon of technological, economic, political and cultural exchanges, brought about by modern communication, transportation, and legal infrastructure as well as the political choice to consciously open cross-border links in international trade and finance. It is a term used to describe how places and human beings are becoming more intertwined with each other around the world economically, politically, and culturally.  Although these globalization links are not new, they are more pervasive than ever before.

  • The length of the paper will vary from student to student, but in general, the paper ( Review of the Literature, which is the main body of the paper) should be between 8 and 10 pages.  This does not include the title page, the body of the paper, or the references.
  • References must include articles from scholarly journals, books, or websites of professional organizations.
  • The paper must cite at least six references.
  • No more than two sources can be newspapers and/or weekly news magazines.
  • References should be current, no more than five years old, unless you have a justifiable reason for including a historical source.
  • No “wiki” sources or sources without named authors.
  • The final version must reflect acceptable spelling and grammar, and be written in APA format in Times New Roman 12 point font with 1″ margins. More specific guidelines for the paper will be provided, including a template for the paper.
  • Interviews must be with experts in the field as documented by publications in the field or published in a scholarly journal.

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The urbanization in China

The Urbanization in China Nation

The world is growing at higher pace than initially expected and with economic globalization now nations and regions in the entire worlds are facing the challenges of urbanization, and china is no exception.

The urbanization in China

Essentially, the economy of China grew speedily after the government supported a number of economic reforms beginning in 1978. In the course of the years experts have been investigating the globalization in china because the economic sources of urbanization in china have emerged to an important concern and the issue is really worthy even though it is a bit complicated. The urbanization in china can be centered on some factors, such as manufacturing, economic center, types of industry, and geographic factor.

The urbanization in China

The main focus of this paper hence is the effect of urbanization on environment in China. In addition, China is facing cultivation land due to its large population. China has a population of about 1.3 billion people; the population has accelerated urbanization in rural areas causing pollution on air, water, and soil. Urbanization is increasing the rate of soil pollution via acid deposition and waste disposal derived from air pollutions in urban centers.

The urbanization in China

Urbanization is regarded as a major threat to agricultural production in China. However, China has taken tough measures to ensure food security for its people.