Urbanization and the civic opera house of chicago


I need you to write me about the history of the Civic Opera House of Chicago and how the construction of this building affected the urbanization of chicago city. Basically you should focus on what were the effects of the Civic Opera House of Chicago on people in that time period. I want you to just give a brief information about the history and focus more on the effects of the building on people, this is what I need for my speech and this is really important.


The Civic Opera House in Chicago is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.  The building is located in the downtown Chicago and it is a hybrid of the Art of Nouveau and Art Deco styles which make it claim a position not only in the whole United States of American but also in the world (Civic Opera House, 2008).  The house was constructed in 1929 but  a major renovation was started in 1993 to 1996 which gave it a major face lift. (Kvaran, 2007)