Unit 5 Management and Leadership of Organizations


Organizations, like all cultures, must continue to evolve or they stagnate and eventually become obsolete. Using change management tools can help an organization to stay vibrant and evolve over time to remain competitive. Research change management models and address the following:

1.Describe two or three change management models
2.Choose one model and discuss how an organization can use the model to manage the change process.
3.Using examples, from either your personal experience or from your research, discuss how an actual organization has either successfully used such a model or would have benefitted from applying this model.


There are many change management models but the most popular are Lewin’s change Management model, Mckinsey 7-S Model and Kotter’s 8 step change model. The model of Lewin’s Change management model focuses on three stages of change which are transition which are reinforced by appropriate reassurance and leadership which vital for the change process to be prosperous (Nelson & Aaron, 2005). The other stage is unfreezing people from their comfort zone and makes appreciate the anticipated changes for the company or organization to move forward and halt any resistance to change. The third stage is the refreezing of workers so that after successful implementation of the desired changes, the organization becomes steady as workers refreezes in working under new technology or guidelines. This model is popular to most company even though it takes time and resources to fully implement.