Writer must use the following link and get to know what UNICEF is, then start the paper.



I am a freshman and would like to support charity community, like UNICEF. Through this, I want to show my concern to children, and apply my leadership to call for attention and spread the message to college students.I would like to be the global spokeswoman for UNICEF.
Writer is to write a letter to UNICEF, offering donation to this organization. Explaining in your speech why you want to help? Please note this organization is aim at helping children in poverty, especially in third world country. This speech has to be very touching, and convincing. Please try to elaborate my potential.


First, I would like to congratulate your organization for the good work you have been doing. Since I was a small child, I watched in the news how your organization has been working to alleviate suffering among children in the world. Your organization has been most active not only in developing countries where children are faced with a  myriad of challenges but also in the developed world where children need a different kind of help. I see your organization responding with passion and dedication to solve the different problems facing children in all corners of the world.  I salute you and encourage you to continue with your good work.