Unethical Passengers’ Behaviour in Cruise Ships



topic. Cruise Ship


This report looks into the ethical issues in cruising industry. Because of the expansive nature of this topic, the report narrows down to the area of unethical customer behaviours that has not received attention in research. The study finds that passengers’ unethical behaviours can be conceptualized in realm of the ethical framework that defines what is expected of different members of the society in terms of their conduct and behaviours. The study finds that there are a number of unethical behaviours that are prevalent on board cruise ships, such as, obnoxious drinking, unruly children, deck and elevator hogging, inappropriate sexual behaviour, smoking, hard to impress customers, lack of table manners, and many others. Therefore, the report recommends three major strategies that cruise ships can deal with these problems. First, they should brief the passengers on what is expected of them on board the ship. Second, they should strengthen their code of conduct to add on penalties for flouting some rules like smoking regulations. Third, they should introduce counselling services as add-ons to attract more customers and help deal with these challenges.