Understanding Management and Business Context


MGMT20144 Management and Business Context

Term 3, 2016

Course Coordinator: Dr Geoffrey Chapman (g.chapman@cqu.edu.au)

Assessment 1 – Essay

Understanding Management and Business Context
On campus students
You will work on this essay task individually. You will be required to show awareness and
understanding of the materials presented in topics 1-5. Once completed, you will be
required to submit this task through turnitin on the Moodle site for this course.
FLEX students
Your requirements for this task are the same as on campus students.
Policies and Procedures for Assessment
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The School of Business and Law generally uses the APA (Author/date) style of referencing.
More information on the styles used by various schools can be found at
https://www.cqu.edu.au/student-life/services- and-facilities/referencing/cquniversity-
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Contacting Teaching Staff
During the course, you should initially contact your class facilitator to answer any queries
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If your class facilitator cannot fully answer the query, or it is of a personal nature, all
students can contact the Course Coordinator, Dr Geoffrey Chapman
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Student use of the course website is mandatory. This is provided through Moodle
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BHP Billiton is one of the largest companies in Australia and the world with interests in the mining, oil and gas sectors. The company has interests not only in Australia’s mining and oil sector but also in other countries such as Brazil. The company can trace its roots in mid 1800 precisely 1851 when Broken Hill Proprietary, BHP, was started but merged with Billiton in 2001 (BHP Billiton, 2016). The company is chosen for this paper to illustrate my understanding of the internal contextual factors that impact on a business and the decisions made in an organization. This will be done through analysis of topic 1-6 of the course.