U.S. V. Bhagat Singh Thind 1923


1. Research the case and briefly summarize the salient content. A minimum of 5 resources must b cited
2. Reflect on what was interesting about this case.
3. How has this case protected the status quo of its time?
4. How has this decision affected the mindset of many people today?

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United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind is historically one of the most interesting racial cases in the United States.  In the case, Bhagat Singh Thind had applied for naturalization in the United States, after settling in Oregon, and had asked the Supreme Court to interpret whether he should be considered a “white person”.  The Supreme Court of the United States argued that although he had settled in Oregon, he could not be considered as a naturalized citizen as per the provision of  naturalization under the 1790 statue that government naturalization, he could not be considered as a white person.  Thind argued that as an Indian, he could trace his roots to the Aryan and was therefore from a Caucasian race. According to Justia, the court ruled Aryan theory as proposed by Thind could not work because it has been discredited by modern ethnology research.