TWIST Signalling


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Twist signaling is one of the recent areas of study in biology that has attracted a great deal of interest from researchers due to its role in cancer. Twist gene is one of the recent discoveries. It was discovered by Nusslein-Volhard, a Nobel Prize winner, who described it as zygotic gene which is necessary for dorsoventral patterning. Twist has also been identified as a basic helix-loop-helix family and its expression has been widely identified in cancer. The relevance of twist signaling therefore emanate from the fact that its understanding can be vital in coming up with solution to cancer, a disease that is killing in millions. Twist signaling is one of the most promising areas of research that is likely to unravel genetic programs which drive the metastasis process.  This is likely to prevent some of the most deadly aspects of cancer and its progression.  Metastases process is important in unraveling the mystery behind cancer and Twist signaling is important in understanding the metastasis process.