troubled economies of the eurozone


Choose one (1) from among the many troubled economies of the eurozone, e.g., Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, or one of the institutions focuses on fixing them, e.g., the European Central Bank. Follow reports in the media and develop a short paper (2-3 pages, 500-750 words) on the topic. Papers must reference at least 3 primary media sources


Greece is a country in crisis. The county has experienced a biting debt crisis that has seen the government undertake radical austerity measures and structural reforms in a bid to revive the country’s economy. Despite the securing billions of Euros in rescue packages, the country’s economy continues to be in the Intensive Care Unit. This year, the Euro zone ministers have agreed to bail out Greece to a tune of 44 billion Euros as well as a 40 billion Euros debt cut. The economic crisis in Greece has had negative impacts on the Greeks with rising levels of poverty and suicides on the rise.